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  Traditional Method (HOT)


Quick Convenience Method (Room Temp. or Cold)


FAQ's ?

How much matcha should I consume a day?

Customer use varies between a single scoop serving every morning to 1-3 matcha scoops per day (1-2 tsps) for our avid matcha customers.

What is the perfect water temperature for making matcha hot?

To perserve the natural sweetness and health benefits of your matcha - when whisking - use care to ensure that your water temperature is not too hot (ideally 175-190 degrees) 

Why is my matcha clumping when I add it to a water bottle?

Because of the small micron size of ceremonial matcha, (to prevent clumping) please add it first to room temp water, shake vigorously, then pour over ice or chill overnight if chilled matcha is desired.   


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