Hawaiian Paradise

Ancient Leaf Tea

SAVE 20% An all-fruit herbal blend of hibiscus blossom, coconut, pineapple, apple, and  rosehip. Naturally Caffeine Free and sugar free. This makes a delicious iced tea and may be steeped hot and poured over ice or can be added to room temp water in a glass pitcher and steeped cold overnight in refrigerator*.  ENJOY a little Hawaiian 🌴🌺 Paradise today!

Because of the popularity of this tea (many of you have requested a bulk quantity to prepare HP iced!)  - it is NOW available in 2 packs sizes: 15 cup, or 60 cup based on single infusion (may receive more cups based on number of infusions)

Additionally, if properly chilled - (1) 60 cup pack may prepare 2x as much when poured over ice. A great value.

*For delicious results staff recommends using 1.5 tsp per 8 oz. water when steeping this infusion cold. Enjoy!

Check out our BLOG POST 🌺 6 Reasons to Drink Hibiscus Tea your body will thank you for!  

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