Lavender Lemon Twist

Ancient Leaf Tea

An all-fruit herbal blend of lemongrass, lemon peel, apple, blackberry leaves, rose hip, lavender flowers, vanilla pieces and white chocolate drops. Naturally Caffeine Free. Contains milk and soy.     This makes a delicious iced "tea" and can be steeped hot, chilled, then poured over ice. Stock up on this seasonal selection.

Serving suggestion:

Our staff loves to combine Lavender Lemon Twist 50/50 with Hibiscus blossom - steeping HOT. Adding sweetener of choice. Then chilling overnight - serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon for an additional "twist" on boring lemonade.

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Packed size makes 15 cups based on single infusion (may receive more cups based on number of infusions)


Type: Unknown Type

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