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Ancient Leaf Tea

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Enjoy 1-2 Starter Tin(s) for yourself and SHARE 💚 the other tin(s) of Matcha with those you LOVE! 

Our ceremonial grade matcha green tea is made exclusively from the tips of the youngest tea plants - smooth, delicate and naturally sweet. This quality matcha is invigorating and refreshing whisked hot or shaken cold. Perfect for daily use to energize your body and optimize your health!
(At Ancient Leaf we NEVER compromise on quality. Our Matcha 🍵 is 100% grown only in Japan, shaded, hand-picked- NEVER machine picked, and ground on granite wheels)

30 gram (1.06 oz) starter tin approx. 25 to 35 servings. Save your tin, then re-order our economical 100 g refill bag. Refill Bag





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