Culinary Matcha - Chef Grade Supreme

Ancient Leaf Tea

Highest grade of culinary/chef grade matcha available. Pure, clean, vibrant green. This cooking/culinary grade Matcha has a stronger tea flavor than ceremonial grade. This allows the Matcha flavor to shine though even if mixed with other ingredients. This grade is best suited for making GREEN smoothiesMatcha flavored beverages*/ desserts such as cookies, cakes. Perfect for folding in to Greek Yogurt : add 1 tsp to a 6-8 oz serving.   Add 1-2 tsp. into your favorite cookie or vanilla lb. cake recipe to add a delightful healthy boost with a delicious flavor and unique green color. Conveniently packed in an economical 60 g re-sealable package.

*Makes a delicious matcha lemonade! 


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