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I have been drinking ancient leaf ceremonial Matcha since 2005. My day is not complete without starting my morning off with matcha. I enjoy mine with some frothed vanilla unsweetened almond milk on top or with honey.. As a physician, I have recommended it to numerous patients over the last 15 years and have seen countless health benefits in both my patients and myself. Benefits may include increased metabolism, more energy, better mood, improved memory and concentration, and decreased risk of cancer. As with anything, each individual may have a different experience. Patients over the years have seen improvement in their blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure. As with anything, please consult with your doctor before trying Matcha but this doc loves it!!

Kim S

I was so excited when I heard Ancient Leaf was producing their first 100% Hawaiian grown white tea. The moment I opened the package & smelled and saw the leaves I knew I would love it. The leaves were beautiful and their aroma was fresh & light. After steeping the leaves the aroma only increased and the color was beautiful. I got several steeps from the leaves and while the color got richer looking the taste stayed fresh & light. Ki Kea Ono definitely lives up to it's name.; it is the best white tea available. Treat yourself to a great tea today.

Cindy S

I have been using matcha daily for a couple of years now and can’t live without it! It is such a huge part of my daily routine and wellness program. Recently I ran out of matcha and once I realized, it was a mad dash to Ancient Leaf for a quick order with an extra bag for back-up! Now I subscribe to receive it on a schedule so I never have to worry again, my matcha is always covered! Love this! Thank you for a great product and amazing support!

Kelly F

We have matcha tea every morning. Ancient Leaf makes it easy to order and is the best ceremonial matcha available. Thanks for caring about quality for your customers.

Walt and Mary Alice

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