Matcha Avocado Toast (with egg)


2 pieces whole grain toast

1-2 avocados (cut in 1/2, seed removed, cut into chunks)

1-1.5 tsp. Ancient Leaf Matcha Powder

2 eggs - optional (your choice of prep method)

Course Salt (We prefer pink Himalayan salt)

Freshly Ground Pepper

Lemon Wedges

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1. In a medium bowl mash together avocado and (finely sifted) matcha powder.

2. Spread a thick layer on top of whole grain toast. (If any avocado mixture remains - stir in a squeeze of fresh lemon to retain vibrant color for leftovers.)


3. Prepare eggs - optional

4. Top each slice of Matcha Avocado Toast with one egg 

5. Top with pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper, and a squeeze of lemon



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