Matcha Quality

Ancient Leaf Ceremonial Matcha is PICKED BY HAND, immediately steamed, and dried. Next, the stems, veins, and unwanted particles are carefully removed leaving only the purest flesh of the leaf. Extra care is taken throughout the cultivation and harvest process to ensure only the finest quality is available to our customers.  
We are proud to offer Ancient Leaf Ceremonial Matcha to the North American Consumer.
DISCERNING QUALITY of Ceremonial Matcha
A lot of different things can affect the quality of Matcha - region, geographical conditions, skill of the tea farmers, and the variety of the tea bush -
all add up to the unique qualities of Matcha.
Check for these elements (CFF) when evaluating your Matcha
COLOR  Matcha is a vibrant jade green (while green tea powders are often yellow-brown), due to the increased chlorophyll content that occurs during the shading process. Quality Matcha is ground using slow-turning granite grinders, which minimizes friction, allowing the tea to be ground without "burning," retaining the chlorophyll.
FLAVOR  A good quality Matcha should be smooth and sweet with just a hint of astringency. The sweetness comes from the L-theanine amino acids in the tea.
FEEL  High quality Matcha powders are very fine (5-10 microns; finer than baby powder), and should feel similar to eye shadow. A lower quality Matcha will have larger particle sizes, resulting in a coarser feel when rubbed between your fingers.
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