Ancient Leaf Tea

Introducing Bliss, the summertime star of our latest collection! This refreshing blend of rich black tea, roselle hibiscus, lavender, and rose makes for a perfect iced tea, bringing fruity hibiscus notes on the front of the pallet, a rich black tea flavor in the middle, and subtle, lingering notes of lavender and rose on the back. Served hot with a touch of honey, it transforms into a wholly different experience, with a full-bodied black tea mingling in the forefront with the rose, while the hibiscus and lavender linger playfully in the background. The honey adds a lovely roundness to Bliss, playing on the maltiness of the black tea while sweetening the fruity and floral notes.

Whether you take it iced on a hot summer's day or warm on a cool star-lit night, Bliss is sure to live up to its name. Happy sipping!


Type: Unknown Type

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