Passionflower (Herbal) Organic

Ancient Leaf Tea

What? Passionflower Vine (known as Lilikoi in Hawaii) is a beautiful flowering vine that produces tart tasty yellow or sometimes red fruits.  The fruits are used to make jams, and delicious beverages. A mature vine in full bloom is a beauty to behold! Additionally, here on the tea farm we harvest the edible young leaves of this vine for a relaxing, calming before bed-time herbal infusion. Adding a squeeze of lemon or a slight bit of honey is a pleasant addition. Grown at the 300 ft. elevation on the beautiful, fertile Hamakua Coast, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Why? P. incarnata has many common names, including purple passionflower. Early studies suggest it might help relieve insomnia and anxiety. It appears to boost the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in your brain. This compound lowers brain activity, which may help you relax and sleep better.

Did you know? When Christian missionaries arrived in South America in the 16th century, they found a plant which they felt was a good omen for their mission. They called it the passion flower because to them it symbolized the death of Christ. The five sepals and five petals of the flower, which are similar in appearance, represent the disciples without Peter and Judas. The double row of colored filaments, known as the corona, signifies the halo around Christ's head or the crown of thorns. The five stamens and the three spreading styles with their flattened heads symbolize the wounds and the nails respectively. The vines tendrils resemble the whips used to scourge Christ.

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Preparation Instructions: Steep 1 tsp in hot water for 5 minutes. Adding a squeeze of lemon or a slight bit of honey is a pleasant addition. Enjoy 1 hour before bed-time to promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep*. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is only provided here for educational purposes and not to treat any specific medical conditions.

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