Cup of Kindness

Ancient Leaf Tea

By popular demand, we're excited to introduce our newest Hawai’i-grown herbal tea, featuring our farm’s māmaki (the medicinal Hawaiian plant), alongside our lemongrass, roselle hibiscus, and Kona-grown lavender. We're calling it Cup of Kindness, and who couldn't use some of that these days? To spread the kindness even more, we're donating 10% of proceeds from this tea to the houseless folks of Hawai'i and their pets!

With sweet-tart notes of lemon and cranberry on the front of the pallet and the modest mingling of māmaki’s mellow earthiness with a subtle finish of lavender on the back, Cup of Kindness is the kind of herbal tea you can enjoy in all weathers. Served hot, the natural sweetness of the lemongrass rises to the surface, and with a touch of honey, the fruity floral notes will sit even rounder on the pallet. Served iced, however, this tea transforms into a refreshing fruity melange that’s sure to take the edge off of a hot summer’s day.

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