Hibiscus Blossom

Ancient Leaf Tea

100% PURE Hibiscus (Roselle Sabdariffa)  - Tart and delicious served hot or COLD.  We are proud to announce: Farm to Cup - Grown with organic methods on our tea farm on the Big Island of Hawaii! Picked, dried, and directly shipped to you at it's peak freshness. Staff recommends: Add 1.5 tsp - 2 tsp per cup of room temp water. Place liquid in refrigerator and allow to cold infuse 4-6 hours or overnight. Strain tea leaves - Pour over ice and add a squeeze of lime/lemon/orange, and sweeten to taste. Makes a delicious ruby red, caffeine free "iced tea". 

For medicinal infusion - steep 1 Tbsp. of crushed hibiscus blossom in 3 cups of water for 5-10 minutes in 212 degree water. Add a squeeze of orange/lemon/lime, and sweeten to taste. Consume 2-3 cups per day for 6 weeks. Recent studies have shown hibiscus may reduce blood pressure. 

Packed size(s) makes 15/60 cups based on single infusion (may receive more cups based on number of infusions)

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