Ki Ma'o Ono (Organic Green Tea Grown in Hawaii)

Ancient Leaf Tea

A beautiful handcrafted artisan tea. Hand picked, pan fired, hand rolled. The discerning tea connoisseur will detect fresh floral notes with a slight vegetal finish. The rest of us will enjoy this tea for its clear color and pure clean taste. Harvested in small batches weekly and only minimally processed to ensure maximum freshness and viability. Grown at the 300 foot elevation on the Big Island of Hawaii. Certified Organic Tea Fields. 

Ki Ma'o Ono (Hawaiian) translates into The Best/Most Delicious Green Tea. 

Packed size(s) makes 20-40 cups based on three infusions. Steep 2-3 grams of tea per 6-8 ounces 195 degree water for 2 minutes. Re-use leaves for successive 3 minute steeps. Discard tea leaves within 24 hours.

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