Ancient Leaf Tea

Lemongrass helps settle the stomach and aids in digestion - favored as a no caffeine after dinner beverage. What is lemongrass? (Cymbopogon Ciatrus) is a tall perennial grass that is native to warm tropical regions. Widely used in Indian cuisine.  

From our Hawaiian farm to your cup - our lemongrass is grown with organic methods and is processed by hand to ensure the best quality product.

Purchase a sample. wreath or enjoy a bulk amount.

Our hand tied wreaths make enjoying a relaxing cup of lemongrass tea even easier. One wreath per cup. Steep 10-15 minutes and enjoy! Also a convenient way to add lemongrass to your favorite recipe.  Please note - as this is a handcrafted product - wreath size may vary

Now also available in 2 sizes of coarse cut lemongrass!  - perfect for those that like a " little extra" lemongrass per cup. 8-16 cup pack size, and 20-40 cup size. 

STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS: Place 1 wreath (or 1 Tbsp course cut). in 12-16 oz mug or cup. Pour 212 degree water over and steep. Let wreath float on water for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a fork and enjoy! Staff loves the addition of a dollop of local honey or a squeeze of lemon.

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