Onomea Bay Oolong (Owners' Reserve)

Ancient Leaf Tea

Our specially crafted Owner's Reserve Onomea Bay Oolong is our farm's most closely guarded treasure, hand-crafted and twisted from our finest tea pekoe (the freshest tender tips of the young tea leaves) and this year, for the first time, we're making some of it available to our online customers!

The Owners Reserve Oolong features an exceptional balance of floral and smoky notes with a remarkable depth of flavor. Crafted with an oxidation level of about 40%, this special "green oolong" showcases the best features of the oolong spectrum in a single amber cup!

This is a tea for connoisseurs, and it is meant to be savored through multiple steeps. Our traditional hand twisted leaves take a while to breathe and fully open, granting a unique tasting experience with each successional infusion. 

Steeping Instructions:

Steep 2-3 grams of tea per 6-8 ounces 208 degree water for 1 minute. The second infusion should steep for 3 minutes, the third for 5 minutes, and the fourth for 7 minutes.

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